DES is known for devising intuitive solutions to technically sophisticated problems in the information management world. As so, we are often faced with a need for high-performance systems to serve these needs. So, in 2003, our team decided to form strategic partnerships with a national professional hosting provider in order to meet our hosting requirements.

Today, this relationship has grown and allows us special access to a multitude of hosting resources. These range from basic shared hosting to redundant secure dedicated servers protected by multiple firewalls. We have excellent support from our provider's engineers and are able to work with them closely to ensure that our systems are always available, secure, fault-tolerant, and operating at optimal performance.

We are not in the business to simply resell hosting services. In fact, we only offer hosting options to customers who have contracted us to build them a solution or website. In these cases, having the solution or website on our servers allows us to effectively manage it with minimal overhead. While our hosting is affordable, it is definitely not the cheapest (nor is it ever likely to be). However, we feel that our experience in this industry proves our abilities, and the fact that customers can talk directly with our experts whenever they have a question or problem is worth the difference.

We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our ability to serve your every need!