The Engineered Difference

We believe that with every passing day software becomes more of a crucial part of existence.  Few aspects of our lives are not touched by code in some form or managed by it in one way or another.  As the world's dependence on software and technology continues to grow, the undeniable requirement for quality and reliability becomes most apparent.

At Digital Engineering Solutions, we apply the time-tested techniques of Engineering to the vast new frontier of Software Development.  We insist upon a solid design and well-crafted elegant solution to a problem, and we fully understand the discipline and the payoff involved in attaining these.  We recognize the importance of having our customers understand their solution.  We see them as a partner and strive to involve them throughout the project lifecycle.  We use the most effective testing strategies to help certify that our products and solutions meet our stringent quality requirements.   We do all of this because we feel that, as Software Engineers, we are shaping the mere digital fabric of life for society today and for the future, and as so we have an enormous responsibility to do the absolute best possible.

DES employs Software Engineering Principals and designs many aspects of solutions using the UML 2.0 Software Modeling and Design methodologies.


Agility is Key

Here at DES, we are sometimes criticized for being a smaller software operation.  Ironically, we see this as perhaps our most notable quality.  We feel that our seemingly unique abilities to communicate with and serve our customers well, embrace new software standards and design methods, and keep overhead and costs to a minimum are assets to any technology company.  We take pride in our ability to meet and exceed these expectations, and insist that when it comes to excellent software, agility is the key to success.


Active Partnerships

DES is currently a Microsoft Partner Registered Member.  We utilize many Microsoft Products and technologies within our solutions.